March 2021


Our First Limited Edition Single Origin

For centuries the Sumatra region of Indonesia has been the bedrock of outstanding, robust coffee. Some of the world’s finest premium coffees are grown in Sumatra, with unique flavour profiles which are often described as earthy & spicy with a dash of mushroom. These gourmet coffees are distinguished by their heavy body, earthy flavor profile and low acidity. Sumatra coffee, grown at high altitudes in this tropical island region of Indonesia, captures the wild jungle essence of its origin. We are proud to announce our first limited edition, small batch,... Read More


The History of the Arabica Bean

Considered the ‘merlot’ of coffee, the discovery of the arabica bean dates back to nearly 1000 BC to the Kingdom of Kefa (present-day Ethiopia) where the Omoro tribe ate the bean, crushed it and mixed it with fat to make spheres the size of ping-pong balls that were consumed as stimulants – the same purpose that coffee serves.