4 New Year Resolutions to Pour Over

Each time the New Year comes in, do you find yourself pondering your new year resolutions? The idea of this universal ‘reset’ button can encourage the best of us to set goals for the year ahead and these don’t have to be the classic non-achievable kind. In fact, why not try setting a goal that will help you continue to grow in something that you already do every day of your life, like drinking coffee? Here are our suggested resolutions that are easily achievable!

Take Time to Enjoy Your Coffee

Quite often, we wake up last minute, roll out of bed and rush around to get ready for work so by the time we reach for our mugs, the coffee is cold. This can lead to spending money by buying coffee on route with little time or waiting until we reach work for our first real cup. This year seems like a good year to slow down, get yourself into bed at a decent time and wake up with enough time to relax and enjoy your delicious specialty coffee before getting ready.

Find your favourite brew

Quite often, you may find that the coffee lovers that around you are drinking coffee not for its delicious flavour but for the flavour of the creamer or syrup that they’re using. Whilst adding a little something to your coffee is perfectly acceptable, the more you drink black coffee, the more the flavour notes of the brew become significantly more noticeable. When you add a creamer, you choose any blend and you not really taste the difference through the sweetener you’ve added. This can be a great way to experience new blends and find a new favourite.

Try a New Brewing Method

Perhaps you’ve been using the same brewing gadgets for years and it’s time for some new experiments? There is a variety to choose from, with pour-over gadgets being an inexpensive investment that could change the way that you taste your coffee. All it takes is a little practice and the right coffee, and you’ll have your technique down in no time.

Keep It simple

Moving passed the wonderful festive time of the year, it could be an idea to cut down on all the over processed additions to your cup. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be quitting completely or cold turkey, its more about moderation, drinking a simple Americano could significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

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