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Our First Limited Edition Single Origin

For centuries the Sumatra region of Indonesia has been the bedrock of outstanding, robust coffee. Some of the world’s finest premium coffees are grown in Sumatra, with unique flavour profiles which are often described as earthy & spicy with a dash of mushroom. These gourmet coffees are distinguished by their heavy body, earthy flavor profile and low acidity. Sumatra coffee, grown at high altitudes in this tropical island region of Indonesia, captures the wild jungle essence of its origin. We are proud to announce our first limited edition, small batch,... Read More


The History of the Arabica Bean

Considered the ‘merlot’ of coffee, the discovery of the arabica bean dates back to nearly 1000 BC to the Kingdom of Kefa (present-day Ethiopia) where the Omoro tribe ate the bean, crushed it and mixed it with fat to make spheres the size of ping-pong balls that were consumed as stimulants – the same purpose that coffee serves.


Caffeine Kickstart: 7 Reasons To Love Caffeine

Coffee has been considered a vice since the beginning of time. There are countless studies telling you why caffeine is good and bad for you and offering advice on intake, means of brewing and the likes.


Saving the Earth, One Pod At A Time

Nothing says ‘Good Morning’ like a steaming hot cup of Joe with (or without) a dash of cream and sugar. A cup to start your day with and maybe a little more to keep you going, great coffee never fails to impress. As the region’s specialist coffee connoisseur, we at Coffee Planet know a thing or two about this unique bean. We work closely with the best farmers across the world to bring you the finest Arabica coffee everyday while keeping a close eye on the environmental impact of our... Read More

Coffee Planet Christmas Coffee 22/12/2020

‘Tis the Season

This Christmas season, we formulated special seasonal recipes that you can make at home! Use our limited Christmas Blend espresso ground to make these festive drinks for your loved ones this holiday.

Christmas Coffee 15/12/2020

Christmas in a Cup!

Ring in the celebrations this season as you inject your coffee routine with festive flavours brought to you by Coffee Planet. Our limited edition Christmas blend is made from the same 100% Arabica beans we always use – with a distinctive flavour profile perfect for the holidays.


What is Crop to Cup?

Every coffee bean has a story to tell. Coffee Planet completes the story by carrying it back to the farm in the form of pride and recognition, learning and improvement. The he cycle has continued year after year for the last 15 years, with our commitment to quality coffee, an educated staff and engaged customers.


Coffee Planet And Our Community

As one of the region’s first and most experienced specialty coffee roasters, we are acutely aware of the impact we have on our planet.  Over the years, we have worked hard on being an ethical and responsible coffee company, working with UTZ coffee and the Rainforest Alliance and using sustainability and innovation as a key driver to become better roasters and suppliers. We are proud that every cup of our 100% Arabica coffee served is of the highest quality; ethically sourced, locally roasted here in Dubai and with sustainability at... Read More


Sip now. Sleep later…

The Nitro cold brew that everyone has been looking for took flight from Coffee Planet and has landed here in the UAE. Nitro cold brew is bubbling up around the world as the phenomena takes hold. Here at Coffee Planet, we’ve crafted the first of its kind in the UAE – with milk-based variants of Nitro infused 100% Arabica coffee. This healthy energy drink alternative is becoming one of the hottest new offerings for coffee-lovers looking for something different. Whether you’re on-the-go, gaming online, or need a cold refreshing energy-boost,... Read More