Coffee 101: Light, Medium & Dark Roast

How many times have you picked up a bag of coffee beans saying “Dark Roast” and aren’t sure what it means? Or when a barista asks you if you prefer the Medium Roast? How can you tell??? One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive relates to the difference between coffee roasts. The roasting process develops the unique characteristics of each bean – from the aroma, to the taste, to the richness of your final brew. Our Managing Director, Robert Jones, talks you through the difference between the three major roast types and how they impact the coffee bean.

There are three types of roast profiles that are predominant in the industry today: light, medium and dark.

Light roast coffee is roasted for the least amount of time – less than 10 mins. Interestingly, light roast coffee has the most caffeine of all the roast types – and the most acidic taste. This type of roast is used predominantly in traditional coffees, like our Arabic coffee.

Medium roast is the most popular all around. It offers the most balanced taste in terms of acidity and bitterness, and the right amount of caffeine for the daily coffee drinker. Some of our most popular blends are medium roast.

Dark roast coffee beans spend the most time in the roaster. The beans have a dark chocolaty look with an oily sheen on them (that’s due to the natural oils coming to the surface while in the roaster). Dark roast beans have the most bitter taste of all, and the least caffeine.

No matter that roast profile suits your preference, we have something for you. From our light roast Arabic ground to the dark roast Italian blend – we’ve got you covered.

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