Halloween: The 7 sins of coffee drinkers

Happy Halloween from the CP team

So, It’s October. You’re busy organising this year’s Halloween activities. Whether you intend to choose a subtle costume or be outrageous with the details – there are plenty of ways you can join in with the occasion, that’s for sure. Perhaps, 2018 is the year to give up those simple costume ideas (do you really want to be a cat AGAIN?) and go for something that will actually give you some creativity points. What better way to espresso your darker side on the spookiest night of the year than with a coffee-inspired Halloween costume? Here are some easy, highly-caffeinated coffee ideas.

  1. A zombie Barista
  2. A chemex coffee maker
  3. A coffee cup
  4. Coffee & donut combo with a friend

And if you’re above dressing up, let’s review how you may inactively participate in a popular costume idea; the ‘7 deadly sins’ – but this is a different version, this is the ‘7 sins of coffee drinkers’…

Greed – You could easily brew a family sized pot and drink it all to yourself

Lust – You can never get enough specialty coffee and are happy to try out many different brews

Envy – You can’t go about your day without admiring other’s coffee and wanting it for yourself

Pride – You’ve got your brew down to a T with the perfect ratios, taste and even presentation, which you can’t stop bragging about

Wrath – You could destroy a person without your very precious very necessary morning coffee

Gluttony – You are guilty of adding 5 sugar sachets, cream, syrups and all the trimmings to your coffee

Sloth – You easily gather a collection of used coffee cups in your car and live amongst them because the smell of coffee makes you happy

Maybe we should say the 7 heavenly sins? Because hey – they don’t have to be a bad thing.

Are you guilty of the above? We want to hear from you! Leave us your comments here or on our social media channels under “mycoffeeplanet” and most importantly… Happy Halloween!