Nitro Cold Brew Craft-ables

At Coffee Planet, we are making Nitro coffee more accessible than ever before and with this availability, we give you endless home-crafted recipes to impress your guests. For the flavours you love and the coffee you crave, Sip now. Sleep later…


Sip now. Sleep later…

The Nitro cold brew that everyone has been looking for took flight from Coffee Planet and has landed here in the UAE. Nitro cold brew is bubbling up around the world as the phenomena takes hold. Here at Coffee Planet, we’ve crafted the first of its kind in the UAE – with milk-based variants of Nitro infused 100% Arabica coffee. This healthy energy drink alternative is becoming one of the hottest new offerings for coffee-lovers looking for something different. Whether you’re on-the-go, gaming online, or need a cold refreshing energy-boost,... Read More


Halloween: The 7 sins of coffee drinkers

Let us inspire you to (in)actively participate in a diverse Halloween costume idea; the ‘7 deadly sins’ – but this is a different version, this is the ‘7 sins of coffee drinkers’…


4 New Year Resolutions to Pour Over

why not try setting a goal that will help you continue to grow in something that you already do every day of your life, like drinking coffee? Here are our suggested resolutions that are easily achievable!