Ramadan with Coffee Planet: Date Latte

Ramadan is the perfect time to try our some special treats – and if you’re a coffee lover we have one that’s perfect for the season. Watch the video and read below to get the full recipe!

 Dates syrup –15ml

 Single espresso shot –30ml

 Fresh cold milk –220ml

 Shot of whipped cream –30g

 Fresh date pieces –5 to 6pcs

 Cinnamon powder garnish –0.2g

Procedure –

 Take 15ml of date syrup in an 8oz cup

 Prepare a single shot of espresso and add it to the syrup and mix it well

 Take a clean milk pitcher and add 220ml of fresh cold milk

 Steam the milk using steam wand until it is 68℃

 Pour the steamed milk smoothly in a8oz cup

 Add a shot of whipped cream and garnish few dates pieces on top

 Finish by sprinkling cinnamon powder on top

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