Ramadan with Coffee Planet: Spiced Latte

Make your post-Iftar coffee extra special with this easy-to-make spiced latte, specially formulated by our experts for the at-home barista.

It’s as simple as making an espresso using your preferred brewing method, we used the Moccamaster to create an extra-strong espresso base.

The Spiced Turbinado syrup from DaVinci Gourmet brings the flavours of star anise and cinnamon to our specialty, 100% Arabica coffee. Try it for yourself.

Spiced flavoured syrup –5ml

Double ristretto shot –40ml 

Fresh cold milk –220ml

Shot of whipped cream –30g (optional)

Cinnamon powder garnish –0.5g (optional)

Procedure –

Take one pump (5ml) of cinnamon flavor syrup in an 8oz cup

Prepare a double ristretto shot,  add it to the syrup and mix it well

Take a clean milk pitcher and add 220ml of fresh cold milk 

Steam the milk using a steam wand until it is 68℃

Pour the steamed milk smoothly in an 8oz cup 

Add a shot of whipped cream and finish by sprinkling cinnamon powder on top

& enjoy!

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