Saving the Earth, One Pod At A Time

Nothing says ‘Good Morning’ like a steaming hot cup of Joe with (or without) a dash of cream and sugar. A cup to start your day with and maybe a little more to keep you going, great coffee never fails to impress.

As the region’s specialist coffee connoisseur, we at Coffee Planet know a thing or two about this unique bean. We work closely with the best farmers across the world to bring you the finest Arabica coffee everyday while keeping a close eye on the environmental impact of our activities.

In a bid to preserve Mother Earth’s bountiful goodness, Coffee Planet has launched its newest range of biodegradable compostable coffee capsules, available in a wide range of tastes, flavours and intensities from Italian Dark Roast to Decaf and more.

All our beans are stored in a temperature-controlled environment and are bought in small batches to seal product freshness and quality. This means they are freshly ground and packaged in our Dubai Roastery to deliver indulgent goodness that is unsurpassable. The ground coffee is then packed into capsules using state-of-the-art machinery.

Each of the capsules is biodegradable and compostable. This implies that the capsules can break down into their natural elements and can be repurposed, thereby reducing the burden of single-use items on the environment. The compost residue (or humus) is a nutrient-rich organic material that when mixed with soil, allows for growth and sustenance of healthy plants and trees.

We have also partnered with The Eden Reforestation Project, a nonprofit organisation that aims to plant a minimum of 500 million trees every year by 2025, thus providing employment to people living in extreme poverty while greening the Earth.

Sipping coffee isn’t just about great taste, it’s the complete experience from crop to cup and Coffee Planet is devoted to making that experience memorable for everyone without compromising on its focus on environment conservation and sustainability.

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