Sip now. Sleep later…

Nitro cold brew is bubbling up around the world as the new phenomena takes hold. Here at Coffee Planet, we’ve crafted the first of its kind in the UAE – with milk-based variants of Nitro infused 100% Arabica coffee. The nitrogen-infused beverage is becoming one of the hottest new offerings for coffee-lovers looking for something different. Whether you’re on-the-go, gaming online or need a cold refreshing energy-boost, Coffee Planet’s Nitro Cold Brew cans have landed.

Our Nitro Cold Brew coffee is created with our favoured 100% Arabica beans, slow-steeped for many hours and then infused with nitrogen to create microbubbles, a cascading coffee, and that desirable frothy texture. Think velvety-smooth coffee with a subtle sweet flavour and a rich, creamy head of foam.

What could top that off right? Well, not only does our refreshing Nitro promise 1.5 x the caffeine hit of regular energy drinks, it’s a healthier low-sugar, low-cal alternative. Crafted in 3 varieties, Nitro Black holds the fewest calories and no added sugars. Nitro Latte & Nitro Vanilla Latte contain only 2g of sugar per can and under 38 calories only!

Experience Nitro Cold Brew now—available online at or with Kibsons online; our exclusive launch partner. Keep an eye out in supermarkets for when Nitro Cold Brew lands on November 17th. Be sure to store your brew in a cool, dry place and drink ice-cold.

When you need that energy boost; Sip now. Sleep later.

Sip now. Sleep later...
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Sip now. Sleep later...
The Nitro cold brew that everyone has been looking for took flight from Coffee Planet and has landed here in the UAE.
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Coffee Planet
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