The History of the Arabica Bean

Considered the ‘merlot’ of coffee, the discovery of the arabica bean dates back to nearly 1000 BC to the Kingdom of Kefa (present-day Ethiopia) where the Omoro tribe ate the bean, crushed it and mixed it with fat to make spheres the size of ping-pong balls that were consumed as stimulants – the same purpose that coffee serves.


Caffeine Kickstart: 7 Reasons To Love Caffeine

Coffee has been considered a vice since the beginning of time. There are countless studies telling you why caffeine is good and bad for you and offering advice on intake, means of brewing and the likes.

Coffee Planet Christmas Coffee 22/12/2020

‘Tis the Season

This Christmas season, we formulated special seasonal recipes that you can make at home! Use our limited Christmas Blend espresso ground to make these festive drinks for your loved ones this holiday.

Christmas Coffee 15/12/2020

Christmas in a Cup!

Ring in the celebrations this season as you inject your coffee routine with festive flavours brought to you by Coffee Planet. Our limited edition Christmas blend is made from the same 100% Arabica beans we always use – with a distinctive flavour profile perfect for the holidays.


4 New Year Resolutions to Pour Over

why not try setting a goal that will help you continue to grow in something that you already do every day of your life, like drinking coffee? Here are our suggested resolutions that are easily achievable!