What is Crop to Cup?

Every coffee bean has a story to tell. It starts with the farmer, who translates wind and rain, soil and sun, into a sensational array of sugars and acidity, body and balance – and it continues with Coffee Planet engaging and celebrating every element in between. We complete the story by carrying it back to the farm in the form of pride and recognition, learning and improvement. And the cycle has continued year after year for the last 15 years, with our commitment to quality coffee, an educated staff and engaged customers.  

We make sure we know exactly where our specialty 100% Arabica beans come from, and how they are produced. Our experts travel the world to visit the best coffee farms, bringing the richest & most aromatic beans back to the UAE. During the process, we have established strong relationships with farmers and producers in over 20 countries in Africa, Indonesia, India, Central and South America.  

That is just half the journey – our promise is not just to bring you the best of the beans but also to ensure a fair price. Since we buy direct from the source, we are coffee makers who know their beans from crop to cup. Once our beans arrive in the UAE, each batch is roasted at the Coffee Planet Roastery in Dubai. From there, we manage an intricate supply chain to top retailers and our own online platform, delivering the freshest coffee from our Roastery to your home.  

This is where our journey ends and your journey begins 

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