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Industry Insights: The Glitter Coffee Trend

Industry Insights: The Glitter Coffee Trend

Industry Insights: The Glitter Coffee Trend

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A dystopian future? A lava lamp galaxy effect? Towards the end of last year coffees got jazzy with it. - A fine sprinkling of fairy dust that is, following the latest Instagram trend of glitter coffee…


In early November, reports began to emerge about shiny metallic and holographic-looking ‘diamond cappuccinos’ originating from Di Bella, a cafe in Mumbai. A reflection of the shimmery multi-coloured trend in baked goods and blended frozen drinks, these bling-y beverages looked like latte art made with coloured and crushed gems.




You may have noticed that edible glitter has been popping up more frequently in food items as of late — an organic transference from the childlike rainbow and unicorn trends that have overtaken social media recently. At first, it was mostly a cake-decorating thing — wedding cakes, frosted cookies and special occasion treats -  but last year, it made the jump to coffee, adding an aesthetic shimmer to latte art.




In the months passed, these sparkling lattes have travelled over to the US & have been served in several cafes across the country, particularly on special occasions such as the Festive Season, as brands compete to diversify. There are some discussions as to the safety of these disco-ball effects and just how digestible are these coffees. The glitter products used are marketed to bakers as non-toxic, like crayons and Play-Doh. Unlike sugar-based decorations, non-toxic glitters are not necessarily considered edible.


So, will this be developed by food scientists to be the next product of distinction amongst the ranks of global café chains and the likes? Or just a smaller, passing fad? (As fleeting as the life of a throwaway coffee cup perhaps). We’ll keep you posted…


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