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Industry Insights: Cats and coffee

Industry Insights: Cats and coffee

Industry Insights: Cats and coffee

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Cats have long roamed this earth alongside humans and have managed to purr-fect a way into our hearts with their cuteness and comedic acts but do you know that there are also some fascinating links between kitties and coffees? We are here to give you the scoop…

Fluffy feline frappe friends?

In recent years, one of the places cats have been known to roam, is inside one of Paris’ most popular social institutions – the café. The concept originated in Taiwan and allows customers to enjoy their usual coffee of choice alongside the fur and purrs. Whilst some cafes sell gimmicky cat-inspired delicacies, most just offer customers a therapeutic environment.

The story of Crème-Puff

Crème-Puff was a domestic cat and the oldest cat ever recorded, according to the 2010 edition of Guinness World Records. Crème-puff had a unique story… maybe it’s a coincidence but the Guinness World Record holder for “Oldest Cat Ever”—a 38-year-old kitty named Creme Puff—drank coffee every morning of her furry little life (plus enjoyed bacon, eggs, and broccoli).

Before you dismiss that outright, consider this: The cat that Creme Puff beat out for the record (a 34-year-old cat, appropriately named Grandpa Rex Allen) had the same owner, and was fed the exact same diet.

The scoop on poop

Then of course we cannot forget to mention that the world’s most expensive coffee is processed via our little furry friends, a cat-like species known as the Kopi Luwak or "the Civit Cat". They feed on the coffee cherries in their natural habitat of Indonesia and the beans which are indigestible beans pass through the intestinal tract of an Indonesian civet before being roasted and savoured. Its not everyone’s cup of tea but it could be everyone’s cup of coffee. This increasingly popular rare type of coffee is just one of the many connections we’ve made between coffee and cats.

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