Ecuador Terrazas del Pisque Single Origin


Quito - Pichincha


Anaerobic Fermentation


2000 masl


Yellow caturra, Java, Pacamara, Pacas






The Las Terrazas Farm, nestled in the mountains of Ecuador, is named after the El Pisque river which flows below, fed by the melting snow falling from the Cayambe volcano. The farmer, Arnaud Causse, juggles preparation processes and variety experiments and his background as an agricultural engineer and his international experiences in coffee growing make him a unique producer. 

Arnaud does not use any pesticides on his farms and treats his coffee trees using tagetes, lavender and rosemary essential oils, which he produces himself.

This rich single origin scores 88+ on the SCA Scale.

Tasting Notes:

Orange, chamomile flowers, blackberries, hazelnuts, apples

Choose your brewing method:

Espresso Roast - recommended for espresso machine or moka pot preparation and serving

Filter Roast - recommended for V60, Loca, Moccamaster, Chemex, Aeropress and French Press preparation and serving.

Roasted locally in Dubai Roastery.