Special Edition - Nia x Coffee Planet, Ethiopia Kaffa, 250g


Dehab Mesfin




1728-1877 masl








Coffee Planet is proud to be collaborating with Nia and supporting women farmers in emerging countries with this exciting and exquisite Ethiopian coffee. 

We explore the far reaches of our planet to source the best Arabica beans, and carefully roast them to exacting standards and perfection.

It’s because of this deep commitment to quality that thousands of people enjoy our Specialty coffee every single day, in their homes, hotels, coffee shops and offices across the region.

We hope you enjoy our latest limited-edition partnership, with Nia Coffee.

Nia, a Swahali word and first name that means ‘purpose’ and ‘good intention.’ 

Nia, a sustainable homegrown brand in the UAE, celebrates the vibrant, resilient, and powerful spirit of women farmers in emerging countries.

At Nia Coffee, our mission is to improve the lives of women smallholder farmers and their rural communities. We source our artisanal coffee beans directly from the farms by establishing a mutually beneficial, long-term, and sustainable relationship with the farmers.

With a vision to build the community through ethical trade, Nia trades to invest back in the farming communities. Nia creates stable market access for women smallholder farmers, pays farmers a premium above Fair Trade price for the crops and funds a Technical Assistance program that helps the farmers progressively replace less productive plants and provides access to other inputs such as fertiliser and equipment.

Nia is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and reports to them on a yearly basis on Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on Quality Education, Gender Equality and Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Artisanal coffee beans directly from the women farmers in Ethiopia

Tasting Notes:

Notes of milk chocolate, jasmine, green apple, lime acidity with a brown sugar sweetness to finish.

We believe this coffee tastes best when served as espresso, by moka pot preparation or as a filter coffee.


Roasted locally in Dubai.