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About Coffee Planet

about Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet was born in Arabia and our goal is to help more people experience the finest global Arabica coffee that has been roasted, here on the peninsula, for over 500 years.


We first started our coffee venture in 2005, when the local coffee-landscape in the UAE was very different and somewhat ordinary. With the goal to help people experience the finest global Arabica coffee, we set out to look at how coffee was being made, who was growing what and how we could develop our own great tasting blends.

Launching Coffee Planet on the Arabian Peninsula made perfect sense to us, since what better place to learn from the past 500 years of Arabica coffee roasting and apply our modern approach.

Our first task was to improve the quality of coffee sold on-the-go in highway convenience stores. We quickly got to work and signed our first partnership with two major blue-chip fuel companies in the UAE, to serve our freshly roasted, 100% Arabica coffee with fresh milk.


Our love of coffee and determination didn’t stop there and by 2007, we expanded to offer a complete coffee solution to leading five-star hotels, catering companies, airlines and offices.

In 2008, we opened our new roastery in Dubai, which meant we had total control of roasting our specialty coffee blends and single origin coffees.

We then expanded into retail across the UAE and wider GCC region, selling coffee in supermarkets and specialist food stores.


In 2009 we launched our first franchised café concept in the UAE, while 2011 witnessed our global expansion of franchised cafés into other international markets.

2016 and beyond

Coffee Planet is now a multi-million dollar success story through our own brand and via roasting private label coffee for leading companies across the globe. We plan to keep growing until everyone in the world has the opportunity to experience and enjoy our 100% Arabica specialty coffee.