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5 ways that coffee intensifies your workout…

5 ways that coffee intensifies your workout…

5 ways that coffee intensifies your workout…

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With all the fitness events running around Dubai this month and the next we thought we’d bring to your attention a little secret. For when you face that training session, obstacle course or even your stroll in the park, this beverage will give you the added energy boost that you need and it's a natural and popular drink…

This is 5 reasons to drink a cup of coffee before you work out...


1)      It sharpens your focus

You might notice an increased concentration and ability to perform your exercises more easily

2)      It accelerates fat loss

Quite possibly one of the best benefits, coffee causes fat cells to be used as an energy source as opposed to glycogen meaning that you burn more fat having consumed a coffee before the workout. Don’t forget that coffee has also been linked to a faster metabolism (burning calories throughout the day)


3)      It prevents diseases

Due to coffee containing a high level of antioxidants, a link has been found between coffee consumption and the prevention of Alzheimer’s, diabetes and some cancers


4)      It boosts your performance

Who wouldn’t want to go “Sonic” on their workout? With that increased focus comes increased performance and better results, since you are more likely to train at a higher output and for a longer duration


5)      It helps lessen muscular pain

Less pain more gain? During exercise you might find your muscles fatiguing causing soreness, but studies have shown that prior coffee consumption can lead to decreased muscle pain


Whether you’re fitness level expert or you’re just starting out, coffee can be one of the most effective pre-workout drinks. This is because you’re getting that chemical free energy kick – no sugar needed. Coffee is not just good for a pre-workout energy boost but a whole host of other benefits. For more blogs or to learn more visit [email protected]. For more follow us on social media @mycoffeeplanet.