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Refresh and Recharge

Refresh and Recharge

Introducing Coffee Planet Capsules

With the festive season behind us and New Year’s resolutions out the window you may feel like the January funk has set in...so we are happy to tell you its time to refresh and recharge...with a fresh cup of Coffee Planet.

We think you will be pleased to hear that we have made it easier than ever to enjoy your favourite Coffee Planet flavours in the comfort of your home or office! So without further ado we are proud to introduce you to our new range of straight-to-cup Coffee Planet capsules - available online - ready to be sipped and savoured.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Coffee Planet has just launched a fab range of capsules for straight to cup capsule machines ... fully compatible with Nespresso machines.
  • Enjoy the same top quality coffee - 100% Arabica beans no less - individually selected and beautifully blended by Matt Wade, our roastmaster.
  • Each box contains ten capsules ... and we have a whole range of coffees to suit every possible palate and preference.
  • Our coffee guide will help you choose your perfect coffee match:
    • pick your preferred flavour & strength (from Bright & Fruity to Chocolate & Nutty, from Sweet & Balanced to Extra Strong).
    • Choose your coffee-drinking occasion (from First Cup of the Day to After Dinner, from All Day Drinking to Lazy Weekends).
    • Pick your favourite coffee source from the so-called Bean Belt - i.e. the dozens of countries where coffee beans are grown. Select either Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Indonesia or Kenya.
  • Each range of capsules has been christened with a lush name (like Bliss and Essence, Elevate and Enigma). Even the packaging is effortlessly cool.
  • Oh and did we mention, we use next-generation, fully-recyclable capsules which are nitrogen flushed to lock in freshness and ensure the longer life of the coffee.

We love coffee capsules, for lots of reasons, but here are a few in particular:

  • The coffee in our capsules has already been perfectly ground, measured-out and tamped for optimal extraction. Read: we do all the hard work for you! Traditional espresso making methods can be time-consuming, and can sometimes be a fine art with so many elements that can go wrong.
  • Our capsules keep the coffee fresh for ages, and we take the freshness of our coffee very very seriously! The flavours are perfectly preserved until the pod is opened by the machine - unlike traditional ground coffee which starts to deteriorate as soon as it’s ground.
  • Capsules make for less wastage and less cleaning. We like! No spilling and no coffee grinds lingering on the kitchen worktop.
  • Straight to cup machines are incredibly simple to use and require little maintenance and cleaning. You simply pop the capsule into the machine and press a button. Easy and effortless - producing a delish espresso, time after time.

Why not order some today? Go on, treat yourself! You’ll fall in love with Coffee Planet capsules. And let's face it - you deserve it after surviving and thriving for yet another year in this crazy wonderful UAE that we love.


The Bean Team