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Travel Series: Visit Colombia

Travel Series: Visit Colombia

Coffee Planet Travel Series Colombia

Hola Coffee Planet!

This week on our travel series we’re covering COLOMBIA, another magnificent place where our Coffee Planet coffee comes from. Colombia has the culture of Europe, the adventure of Costa Rica, the party atmos of London, the beauty of Alaska and the beaches of the Caribbean! It’s also super friendly and full of happy, smiley, good-looking people…

Here’s our top ten.

  1. It’s far less dangerous than people believe. It may have a shady past but now has a blossoming tourist industry, and visitors are welcomed with open arms.
  2. It’s a melting pot of cultures - from indigenous Africans to Spanish settlers - with really friendly people who inspire tourists daily with their constant acts of charity, kindness and hospitality.
  3. Colombia offers more than 300 beaches - from resort-style options on the Caribbean coast to adventure beaches in Tayrona National Park and untouched escapes on San Andreas island.
  4. Colombian scenery is breathtaking with both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, lush rainforests and rolling mountains. The highest points are found in the Andes where active volcano’s sit alongside picturesque snow-capped mountains.
  5. Colombia is festival crazy - this is the best way to experience the country’s people and culture. The Carnaval de Barranquilla is a top favourite, much like the Rio (de Janeiro) carnival. These festivals are a vibrant celebration of music, colour, drinking, dancing and sheer flamboyancy.
  6. Columbian cuisine is delicious - rare, exotic fruits and lots of local speciality dishes such as bandeja paisa (a gourmet delight for meat lovers) or arepas (more-ish corn patties) found on every street corner.
  7. Colombia’s nightlife is second to none, extravagant nightclubs, bars and restaurants full of friendly people and, of course, beautiful women who have dancing and partying down to a fine art.
  8. Colombia is home to Ciudad Perdida, arguably the country’s top attraction. Meaning Lost City these ruins were hidden for centuries beneath thick vegetation until grave robbers discovered the site in the early 1970’s. Getting there takes you on a spectacular five-day hike through lush, green jungle.
  9. Colombia is heaven for adventure junkies - no matter whether zip lining, motorcycling, paragliding, horseback riding, dirt biking, mountain climbing, dune buggies or scaling waterfalls are your thing.
  10. And last but not least - take a trip to a Colombian coffee plantation. Colombia has the perfect weather conditions for coffee growing, plus some striking countryside. Some say Columbian coffee is the best in the world, with reason! Let us know what you think.

Next week? The beautiful African country of Uganda.


The Bean Team