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Storage Tips: Take Care of your Coffee

Storage Tips: Take Care of your Coffee

Coffee Storage Tips from Coffee Planet

Like food, coffee begins to degrade as soon as the bag is opened, which naturally makes the issue of storing coffee a very important one.

So what do we need to look out for when it comes to our coffee? Well the criminal culprits responsible for damaging our beans are sunlight, moisture, oxygen and heat.

To help you look after your beloved beans we've put together some simple coffee storage tips…

  • preserve the fresh roasted aroma with an air-tight storage container, preferably ceramic, which keeps out air and natural light.
  • keep the flavour by putting your bean container in dark location. Whilst coffee beans in a glass jar will look beautiful on your kitchen counter the sunlight will compromise the taste.
  • extend the life of your coffee by keeping it cool. Remember that a cupboard near to the oven, or in the case of the UAE one on a wall that gets a lot of sun, is often too warm for your coffee beans!
  • maintain the taste of your coffee by keeping it away from moisture. That means another big storage NO NO is freezing or refrigerating your beans - the supply of moisture from condensation will tarnish your coffee immediately. No-one wants bad tasting coffee, after all.

Aside from the correct storage, it is also best to purchase coffee in smaller quantities, proportionate to how quickly it will be consumed. Coffee begins to lose its freshness almost immediately, especially once ground, so we’d recommend buying it in smaller amounts (enough for one or two weeks), and grinding only as much as you need each time you brew, to make sure you always experience a flavourful cup.


The Bean Team