Our mission is simple: to bring specialty-grade 100% Arabica coffee beans to as many people as we can. 

Coffee Planet embarked on its journey in 2005, when the local coffee landscape in the UAE was very different from what you see now. With the goal to bring the finest Arabica coffee from across the globe to the masses, we set out to find who was growing the best quality beans, how they were harvesting them and how we could develop our own signature blends. 

Launching Coffee Planet on the Arabian Peninsula made perfect sense. What better place to learn than the region with a rich coffee history dating back 500 years? 

Our first undertaking was to improve the quality of coffee sold on-the-go, serving freshly-ground 100% Arabica coffee to commuters and coffee lovers daily.

Once our loyal fanbase was built – within just a couple of years, we diversified to serve new channels; including leading 5-star hotels, airlines and offices. 

2008 was a real milestone for Coffee Planet - the year we opened our roastery – at home, in Dubai. This new facility meant we now had total control of our signature blends and single origin coffees.

Our roastery is the heart of the business, capable of producing 300 tonnes of the finest coffees & 3 million capsules per month.

The roastery also meant we could expand across the UAE and wider GCC region, making freshly roasted, specialty coffee available for home baristas through retail partnerships and bringing us one step closer to total coffee domination.

In 2021, we expanded our cafe operations in the UAE with our franchise partner, leading to cafes in the bustling neighborhoods of JVC, the iconic Ain Dubai and Dubai Hills Mall. 

Coffee Planet is now a multi-national success story, not only through our own brand but via roasting private label coffee for top companies across the globe. 

Besides making our products accessible to the masses, we are strongly committed to the coffee industry as a whole. We source from over 20 countries across the most renowned coffee-growing regions in the world to bring the best coffee to our consumers.

Our goal? To keep growing until everyone in the world has the opportunity to experience our specialty 100% Arabica coffee.