Dhs. 271.38

Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Coffee Scale - White

Using scales to follow a brew recipe not only helps ensure a delicious cup of coffee; it also allows for a replicable one. Established in 2012, Timemore specialise in meticulously designed and manufactured manual coffee equipment and their elegant high precision Black Mirror Scales are true to form.

Coming with a silicone heat pad for extra protection, the scale itself is finished in a scratch resistant matte white. The surface of the scale is waterproof and, when activated, comes to life with a backlit LED display.

When not in use, Black Mirror Scales live up to its name, cutting a striking but unobtrusive presence on your kitchen counter.


Accurate to 0.1g
Minimum load: 0.5g
Maximum load: 2.1kg
Dimensions: 130 x 150 x 30mm
Weight: 400g
1600MAH high capacity lithium battery with 10-hour battery life
USB-C charging port
High temperature insulation and waterproof surface