El Salvador Finca El Cerro Single Origin

The El Salvador Finca El Cerro Single Origin is a washed coffee with a SCA Score of 87+. From the region of Apananeca Illamatepec, this Pacamara variety is a masterful coffee. 

El Salvador Finca El Cerro is located at the ideal altitude for producing specialty coffee, deep in the mountains of Apananeca Illamatepec. Since 2015, the farm has been processing their coffee in an eco-friendly mill where this Single Origin was created to honour the farmer's father.


Tasting Notes:

Almonds, lemon, jasmine, brown sugar sweetness

Medium to full body

Choose your brewing method:

Espresso Roast - recommended for espresso machine or moka pot preparation and serving

Filter Roast - recommended for V60, Loca, Moccamaster, Chemex, Aeropress and French Press preparation and serving.

Roasted locally in Dubai.