Dhs. 55.00

Single Origin - GUATEMALA Finca Pampojila


Herrera Family




1500-2100 masl




Pampojila is a coffee plantation located in a beautiful highland region of Guatemala, close to the breathtaking volcanic Lake Atitlán. The plantation was started in the Mid-19th century and is now owned and managed by the Herrera family. The coffee beans are shade-grown. and hand-picked, ensuring a sweeter. more complex experience in each cup.

Tasting Notes:

Red apple, hazelnuts, lemongrass, almonds, blueberries, jasmine, sugar cane sweetness and medium bodied.

Choose your brewing method:

Espresso Roast - recommended for espresso machine or moka pot preparation and serving

Filter Roast - recommended for V60, loca, moccamaster, chemex, aeropress and french press preparation and serving

Roasted locally in Dubai.