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Christmas Special - Loca Ceramic Filter and 2x CP Reserve Africa Ground Coffee

Some things are better together, especially at Christmas!

Take advantage of the latest offer from Coffee Planet bringing together our amazing, Loca coffee filter with the amazing taste if the Coffee Planet Reserve African ground coffee.

Loca Ceramic Filter

For coffee enthusiasts, we have a full range of unique brewing gadgets from firm favourites such as the cafetiere to chemex and aeropress coffee makers.

Designed to reduce harsh flavours by 70% for a smooth taste. Works best with Medium course ground coffee.

This is an innovative, manual brewing method, allowing you, the user, to control strength of the brew with the pour of water and coffee ground type. The ceramic body of the gadget is durable and reusable.

Reserve, The African Blend Ground Coffee, 250g x2


Freshly roasted coffee, ground to suit a variety of brewing gadgets including cafetières, filter coffee machines and drip coffee brew methods.

Tasting Notes: Notes of roasted almond, hazelnut and plum combined with a hint of red roses in a full body.

Introducing the African blend from the newest range at Coffee Planet – Reserve. This blend of 100% Arabica specialty coffee has been created using a selection of our finest single origin beans from across the coffee producing regions of Africa.