Dhs. 55.00

Single Origin - ETHIOPIA Sidamo Organic






1500-1600 masl







Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is an Arabica single origin coffee. grown exclusively in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia. The Moredocofe farms are located in the jungles of the Oromia Regional State. This bean is small and greyish, with a deep, spice and raisin or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma. The most distinctive flavour notes found in all Sidamo coffee are lemon and floral-like jasmine. The farms are producing only organically grown Arabica coffees, in washed and unwashed preparation.

Tasting Notes:

Raisins, plums, lemon, orange, jasmine, molasses sweetness and medium to full bodied.

Choose your brewing method:

Espresso Roast - recommended for espresso machine or moka pot preparation and serving

Filter Roast - recommended for V60, loca, moccamaster, chemex, aeropress and french press preparation and serving

Roasted locally in Dubai.