Uganda Mont Rwenzori Single Origin


Mont Rwenzori




1400-1500 masl


SL 28, SL 14





Historically known as the Mountains of the Moon, the Rwenzori region is located on the border between Uganda and the Republic of Congo. Mount Rwenzori itself is one of the last remaining African summits to have eternal snow.

Mount Rwenzori, Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya are the last glaciers in Africa and they surround the region’s coffee fields;  it is a region where people have produced natural coffee for decades. The Mount Rwenzori Single Origin is rated an 87+ on the SCA scale.

Tasting Notes:

Apricot, almonds, vanilla, honey, cherry

Choose your brewing method:

Espresso Roast - recommended for espresso machine or moka pot preparation and serving

Filter Roast - recommended for V60, Loca, Moccamaster, Chemex, Aeropress and French Press preparation and serving.

Roasted locally in Dubai Roastery.