Everyone deserves a specialty experience

At Coffee Planet, we pride ourselves on making specialty coffee available at scale. Every palate deserves the right to indulge in a delicious brew that was earlier enjoyed only by a select few. This belief drives our product innovation, enhances our contribution to the larger value chain, and strengthens our partnerships along the way

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Born in the UAE, roasted for the world

Coffee Planet was born in the UAE in 2005. We roast our beans at our local roasteries, creating smooth signature blends and rich single-origin coffees. Over the years, our loyal customers and partners have benefited from our expanding products and service offerings. Today, our coffee is served at leading 5-star hotels, airlines, offices, restaurants, and more channels internationally. 

We're committed to delivering coffee responsibly

Our commitment to creating a sustainable world is in line with our vision of creating carbon neutrality at each step of our production line. From ethical sourcing of beans to waste management, our initiatives and programs are developed towards reducing the impact of what we do on the environment

Roots, culture, and a labor of love

As a UAE-born brand, we acknowledge and understand the love for coffee in the region. It is this love that inspires us to create coffee experiences that delight the palates of a coffee connoisseur and a casual coffee lover, with equal zeal