Excellence becomes a legacy when it is handed down.

At Coffee Planet, we believe in upskilling budding coffee enthusiasts into professional baristas and masters in their own right. Our portfolio of courses, run by leading industry experts, covers a wide range of subjects, from a basic understanding of coffee and bean origins to expert-level barista training.

Team Building / Introduction to Coffee

Coffee is an extremely popular beverage around the globe, which makes it no surprise that coffee is a perfect medium for team building! As coffee is a subject that most can understand and relate to, coffee team-building activities are highly accommodating to people of all ages and interests.

Brewing Enhanced

This hands-on workshop is designed to give participants more in-depth skills and knowledge so that they can progress to the more complex aspects of preparing coffee. e.g., how to analyze grind profiles and how to match your grind to your brewing method to deliver the best cup possible.

Latte Art Experience

Learn how to properly steam milk, pour espresso shots, and create the perfect foam consistency required for latte art. Our expert trainers will guide you through techniques to create beautiful designs on your coffee creations. With hands-on practice, you will leave this course with the skills and confidence to create stunning latte art for your customers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced barista looking to upskill, this course is perfect for anyone who wants to take their coffee-making skills to the next level.

Coffee Xpert Trainer

If you’re an experienced barista or are familiar with the duties of professionals in the coffee / service industry, you may want to consider a career as a Coffee Expert trainer. There are a variety of skills that can help you succeed in this role, and honing these competencies can help you distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Barista Enhanced

The Barista Enhanced workshop is designed for those who already have barista experience and want to fine-tune their skills in making high-quality espresso-based coffee menus and become professional baristas.

Specialty Coffee Association Certified Courses 

  1. Introduction to Coffee
  2. Barista Skills(Foundation & Intermediate)
  3. Brewing (Foundation & Intermediate)
  4. Sensory (Foundation & Intermediate)

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