Coffee and business discussions have an old affair.

Coffee Planet has partnered with numerous executive offices since 2005 to deliver bespoke coffee solutions to its premium client portfolio.

To overcome the notion of “office coffee” being a bland substitute for specialty delights, our beans and range of coffee products aim to create unique experiences. Coffee keeps many professionals ticking, and providing them with a refreshing cup of their favorite fix at their workplace can contribute to employee satisfaction. Why step out of the office and head to a nearby café to enjoy specialty coffee if you can enjoy it with a colleague at your desk?

We are committed to delivering specialty coffee with the highest standards – HACCP and ISO:9001.

At Coffee Planet, we believe that specialty coffee is not an exclusive joy for a few, but for everyone. We ensure quality through intense quality testing by our roasters and 7Q graders. The robust flavors can be enjoyed within office confines or beyond – at seminars, conferences, and trade shows, giving your customers and partner an exquisite experience.

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