For nearly two decades, Coffee Planet has been on a mission to elevate everyone’s coffee experience while staying conscious about leaving a positive footprint on our planet. Our journey is fueled by a commitment to sustainability, which is evident through our comprehensive sustainability initiatives and our focus on developing new, sustainable products.

Innovative Sustainable Products

At Coffee Planet, innovation brews beyond the perfect roast. Our biodegradable and home-compostable capsules, coupled with our pioneering wooden capsules, offer our eco-conscious partners — who share our vision and commitment to sustainability — a superior choice without compromising on the rich flavor they expect.

Home compostable capsules

Our Nespresso-compatible, home compostable capsules are designed with sustainability in mind. Made from 100% bio-based materials, our capsules break down naturally when composted at home, leaving no harmful residue behind.

By choosing these capsules, you make a conscious decision to reduce waste and minimise your ecological footprint.

Our home compostable capsules are:

  • OK Compost Home certified
  • 100% Biobased
  • 100% Home compostable
  • 100% Biodegradable

Building a circular economy framework

From ethical bean sourcing to responsible waste management, our initiatives and programs are designed to minimize our impact at every step of the supply chain. Partnering with organizations like The Waste Lab and Reloop, we provide simple waste reduction and recycling solutions to our customers. Together, we’re forging a path towards a future where resources are conserved, waste is minimized, and our environment thrives.

In partnership with The Waste Lab, a Dubai-based, woman-owned, impact-driven startup, we’ve created a circular economy model that turns coffee grounds into compost that can be used by local farms. This initiative is sustainable, transparent, and contributes meaningfully to the soil and local resources.

Coffee Planet’s partnership with Reloop offers hotels and other partners a comprehensive circular economy solution, including the disposal and reuse of used capsules to support your zero-waste goals. This collaboration not only aligns with the sustainability commitments of hotels, enhancing their guest experiences, but also contributes to cost reduction and promotes an eco-friendlier future through accessible capsule recycling services.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future. Every cup of Coffee Planet coffee you enjoy supports our mission for a greener world. Discover our range of sustainable products and be a part of the change.